Galvanic isolation RF connector



            Galvanic isolation RF connector


Assembling diagram and equivalent circuit diagram as below:





 The designing characteristic of this galvanic isolation RF connector is: it is galvanic isolated between the outer conductor of the long pin F connector for RF input and the shelter of circular capacitor (the shelter connected with the housing of amplifier or optical receiver), the maximum galvanic isolation could be AC2KV.  To RF, they are equal potential bonding.  The components could be added or eliminated according to different requirement of electromagnetic shield.  The EMI  of galvanic isolation RF connector with 7 components can meet EN50083 Class A standard of EU.

      This galvanic isolation RF connector is mainly used for outdoor amplifiers and optical receivers, to prevent the AC or DC high voltage and thunder surge voltage that may occur on cable from occurring on the housing of amplifier or optical receiver, so as to ensure the safety of the amplifier or the optical receiver.



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